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Get to Know Us

The history of Data Intelligence Laboratory (Dance Lab) can be traced back to a small research group led by Dr. Chenliang LI, who joined  School of Computer Science of Wuhan University in Aug 2013, right after obtaing his Ph.D degree from Nanyang Technological University. In its initial stage, there were only one master student and one undergraduate by 2014 Fall. During these years, 15 master students and 13 undergraduate successfully graduated from here. In 2018, the whole team is relocated into School of Cyber Science and Engineering, Wuhan University, a new school that has been awarded as one of the national first-class cyber security programs. The Dance Lab was founded in Dec, 2022, right after Dr. Lixin Zou joined this family. Now, we have two faculty members, 9 master students , 5 oncoming master students, 2 Ph.D students and 3 undergraduate interns. Our mission is to foster the development and deployment of AI techniques for digital economy, web and mobile services, intelligent education and cyber security, to name a few.

Bits of History

Some of the First

The left-upper photo is our first food hunting together (13 Nov 2014). The stars include Haoran Wang and Zhiqian Zhang (the very first two students).

The other two photos are our first team building (1 Nov 2015). We took a self-driving tour for Magnolia Mountain and Magnolia Lake. The stars include Haoran Wang, Jian Xing, Zhiqian Zhang, Yu Duan, and Cong Quan.

One Night in Hangzhou

The right photo is an unforgetable memory for one of his birthday night (Dec 2018). The stars include Shiqian Chen, Jian Xing,  Jiaxin Pei and Yu Duan.


A Talk from Tencent AI Lab

We were lucky to have an interesting talk by Dr. Yan Wang, about Dialogue System (May 2019), who was a senior researcher in AI Lab, Tencent. The stars include Canwen Xu,  Shiqian Chen, Yan Qi, Chen Zhao, Xichuan Niu, Hongtao Wu, Feiyang Wang, Cong Quan, Junhui Long, Jiaxin Pei, and Bulou Liu.

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